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Dear Colleague,

The critical role of lncretins and Islet Cell function/mass in the pathogenesis and pathophysiology of Type 2 Diabetes is increasingly being recognised.

Unfortunately, the opportunities for Asian scientists within Islet Biology & lncretin Science to share their advances and discoveries amongst peers have been very limited . This poses a significant barrier for Asian scientists, not only for those currently engaged but also for those w ishing to embark upon involvement in Islet Biology & lncretin Science.

The Scientific Committee behind the Asia Islet Biology & lncretin Symposium 2017 have set out to continue the success of past years symposia, creating an independent, annual Asian meeting dedicated to Islet Biology & lncretin science. Through this forum, the Scientific Committee hopes to foster interest and growth in this important scientific field across the Asian region.

We have assembled what we hope to be a rich, substantive scientific program for all those who participate. A renowned International faculty coupled with scientists from throughout Asia will present the most cutting짯 edge science and share the fruits of their research work during this meeting. In addition, we have for the 20 10 meeting created a significant clinical section in the program, exploring the clinical experience with incretin based therapies across Asia.

Attendees will experience state-of-the-art lectures and have the opportunity to view posters highlighting research in this exciting area.

We hope and think you will enjoy the program.
Warm Regards on behalf of the Scientific Committee,

President Moon Kyu Lee Vice-president Kun-Ho Yoon

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